How Do You Find the Price of Asphalt?


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Find the price of asphalt per ton on the websites of construction and materials companies, such as Barre Stone Products, Pike Industries, S.T. Wooten Corporation and Weldon Materials. The price per ton changes from month to month and from state to state.

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The Pike Industries website contains a link to a PDF that features its pricing for various grades and types of asphalt, as of April 2015. Data on this document includes entries for crush stone asphalt in various crushed ledge measurements per ton. Similarly, the S.T. Wooten Corporation's price guide is regional and shows the average asphalt cost according to the North Carolina Department of Transportation's Liquid Index, as asphalt is applied in a liquid form when applied to the ground. The chart includes monthly prices dating back to 2012.

Another way to find the price of asphalt is to speak to a asphalt installation company, as these organizations work with the most current prices on a regular basis. Smaller companies often perform tasks such as paving driveways and short private streets in asphalt and thus are able to provide consumers with the cost of installing asphalt in a given area. These prices typically include labor and a markup in sale price.

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