How Do You Prevent Kitchen Fires?


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The best way to prevent kitchen fires is to stay in the kitchen while engaging in cooking activities and to turn off all heat-producing appliances when leaving the kitchen area. Additionally, a person should move every object that can easily catch fire, such as towels and potholders, away from heat.

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A person should develop a habit of regularly checking the food while cooking or use a timer to remind himself that a heat-using appliance is turned on. The cooking surfaces should always be kept clean to prevent the buildup of grease that can easily catch fire. Installing a smoke alarm near the kitchen and having access to a fire extinguisher can help a person react to the situation before the fire spreads and engulfs the kitchen.

In households with children, it’s prudent to establish a buffer zone between the kids and the areas in the kitchen where food is prepared using stoves, ovens or other kitchen appliances that use heat. Pot handles should always face away from the edge of a stove to prevent a child from accidentally knocking it over. Furthermore, a person should avoid holding a child in one arm while holding hot food or preparing a meal using heat.

To further minimize the risk of kitchen fire, a person should regularly service heat-producing appliances and make sure that they’re in good repair. Furthermore, every electric appliance should be unplugged when not in use because old or damaged wiring can easily start a fire.

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