How Do I Prevent My Heat Pump From Freezing?


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Though heat pumps often freeze during winter, homeowners can improve drainage conditions, clean or change the air filter and remove any accumulated ice or snow. If the heat pump develops a thick crust of ice, contact an HVAC professional.

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Heat pumps usually freeze during hard frosts.

  1. Increase drainage
  2. If water cannot drain away from the heat pump, it will freeze. If the concrete platform has shifted, move it so water can drain freely.

  3. Clean or change the air filter
  4. Air filters should be cleaned or changed at least once a month. This prevents clogs in the system from causing freezing.

  5. Remove ice and snow
  6. Spray accumulated ice or snow with a garden hose to slowly melt it. Avoid using sharp objects or open flames to melt ice and show, as this can damage the unit.

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