How Do You Prevent Frost Buildup in a Freezer?

One can prevent frost buildup in a freezer by reducing the amount of humidity that enters the freezing chamber. Installing the unit in a humidity-controlled room, limiting the time the door is open and keeping the freezing compartment correctly filled are all important.

Owners often install freezers in the garage or other areas without air conditioning or heat. This mistake increases the amount of frost buildup. Since air conditioning does not remove humidity from the air in the area, it is more likely to deposit inside the freezer. During the warmer months of the year, the unit must work harder to keep foods frozen. The increased run time increases the amount of frost that attaches to the sides of the unit.

Each time the door to a freezer opens, moisture condenses on the cold sides of the unit. Upon closing the door again, the moisture freezes to form frost. Organize the freezer to quickly locate the item needed and close the door. Making a list before opening the door allows the user to remove everything that he needs for a meal in a single trip.

Freezers hold two to three pounds of food for every cubic foot of space. The food fills space, so that warm, moist air cannot fill the freezer when the door is open, reducing the formation of frost. Avoid placing too much food in the freezer, which keeps the door open and increases frost formation.