How Do I Prevent Clothes From Bleeding?

How Do I Prevent Clothes From Bleeding?

To prevent clothes from bleeding out their colors, you can wash them on a cold cycle or use a commercial color catcher. You can also choose clothes made from synthetic fabrics, which are less likely to bleed.

  1. Buy clothes with care

    To avoid having problems with color bleeding, look carefully at labels when shopping for new clothes. Synthetic fabrics bleed less than natural fabrics, such as cotton or wool. Fabrics that are designed not to bleed are often labeled as colorfast. Try to choose fabrics that are less likely to bleed.

  2. Wash new clothes by themselves

    Many items of clothing bleed the first time they are washed. Wash brightly colored clothes by themselves the first time to remove any loose dye without harming your other clothes.

  3. Wash at a low temperature

    Modern detergents are effective at low temperatures, so there is no need to use the hot cycle on your washing machine. Set your washing machine to the cold cycle to prevent clothes from bleeding.

  4. Use a commercial color catcher

    You can buy commercial color catchers, which are soft sheets that are placed into the washing machine with the clothes. These sheets catch any dye released from an item of clothing before it stains other items in the washing machine.