How Do You Prevent Carpenter Bee Infestations?


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To prevent carpenter bee infestations, homeowners should ensure that they paint all unfinished wood on their home. Sealing and caulking cracks, holes and gaps in wood is another good preventative measure, particularly around entrances and door frames.

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How Do You Prevent Carpenter Bee Infestations?
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Carpenter bees are attracted to unfinished wood, so varnishing or painting wooden objects, such as window sills and door frames, discourages bees from infesting the wood. Homeowners can also spray their wood with pesticides that contain cypermethrin or deltamethrin. This treatment lasts three to four weeks and must be reapplied regularly during the spring, which is the peak activity season for carpenter bees. These pesticides act as a repellent, discouraging the carpenter bees from drilling into the wood.

Carpenter bees will use holes left by previous generations of carpenter bees to make their homes, so if a home has previously been infested by carpenter bees, it is crucial to fill the holes at the end of the infestation season as soon as the bees have left. Homeowners can use putty to fill the holes then treat the area with pesticides or paint the wood. Additionally, homeowners should check around door and window frames for small holes or cracks and fill them with wood putty.

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