How Do You Prevent Bed Bugs?

To prevent bed bugs, take the proper precautions when traveling. Pack with bed bug prevention in mind, inspect your hotel room, and launder all items as soon as you get home. Leave items that can't be laundered in sealed bags, and place them in the freezer for five days minimum.

  1. Pack using large bags

    When packing for your trip, pack everything you can into large sealable bags to prevent bed bugs.

  2. Use a hard suitcase with buckles

    If you own an older luggage set that is hard and closes with buckles, as opposed to a zipper, use that luggage. Beg bugs like the soft cloth and easily hide in zippers.

  3. Inspect your hotel room

    Completely inspect your hotel room for signs of bed bugs before bringing your belongings inside. Check the mattress, box spring and dust ruffle. Do not be afraid to pull back the sheets and inspect the mattress directly. If you find signs of bed bugs, immediately request another room.

  4. Launder all items upon unpacking

    When you get home, launder everything upon unpacking. Wash your items with the hottest water setting the material allows. Things that cannot be washed should remain in a sealed plastic bag and placed in the freezer for at least five days.