How Do You Prevent Armadillos From Digging Holes?


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To prevent armadillos from digging holes in your yard or other areas, there are various options. You can create physical barriers that prevent the armadillos from entering the area of concern, discourage the armadillos from digging or trap the armadillos and release them elsewhere. The time it takes to implement these methods varies from an hour to days.

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How Do You Prevent Armadillos From Digging Holes?
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  1. Build a fence

    To keep armadillos out of the yard and other areas, simply build a fence that will prevent the armadillos from entering. You should take some precautions when choosing the type of fence you install. Most importantly, make sure the fence is sunk a foot or more into the ground. Armadillos are excellent burrowers, and a fence that is not sunk this deep is useless. Be sure that armadillos cannot slip through the slats in the fence.

  2. Make the surroundings smelly

    Armadillos have a very keen sense of smell, and anything with a strong, unpleasant scent such as a rag soaked in mild ammonia solution or moth balls can discourage them from digging or chase them from existing burrows.

  3. Trap and relocate

    If necessary, set cage traps using worms or fruit as bait. Bag the worms in a nylon stocking so that the armadillos can smell the bait but the worms can't crawl away. Relocate the trapped armadillos to a hospitable area near water with plenty of underbrush.

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