How Does Prestone Driveway Heat Compare With Other Ice-Melting Products?


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Prestone Driveway Heat has similar performance to other ice-melting products that use calcium chloride, but it melts ice faster and at lower temperatures compared with rock salt-based ice-melting products. Unlike rock salt, Prestone Driveway Heat does not stain pavements or leave behind residue, but its use requires caution.

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Prestone Driveway Heat melts ice using a chemical reaction that occurs between calcium chloride, its main active ingredient, and water from ice and the air. The chemical reaction between calcium chloride and water is exothermic, meaning it gives off heat. This property lets Prestone Driveway Heat melt ice at temperatures as low as negative 25 degrees Fahrenheit.

Because Prestone Driveway Heat gives off heat as it melts ice, using the product requires caution in certain circumstances. The product can cause minor irritation and burns if it comes into contact with moist skin. The manufacturer recommends thoroughly rinsing any skin that comes into contact with Prestone Driveway Heat with warm water.

Calcium chloride has a salty taste, which can be attractive to pets and small children. While it isn't a particularly toxic chemical, user should give any pet or child who ingests small amounts plenty of water to drink. If a child or pet consumes a large amount of Prestone Driveway Heat, users should contact poison control.

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