How Do I Press a Dress That Is Wrinkled and Says "no Direct Heat or Steam"?


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Even when a garment's fabric care label insists that no direct heat or steam be used during ironing, the garment can still be pressed. By placing a pressing cloth between the iron and the garment, heat can be applied indirectly without causing damage to the fabric. Man-made and delicate fabrics such as polyester or chiffon are most likely to require this type of careful ironing.

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To use a pressing cloth with a garment that allows no direct heat or steam during ironing, set the iron to its lowest setting and lay the garment out flat on the ironing board. Cover the garment with a clean white cloth; a dish towel or napkin works fine for this. Do not use a colored cloth that might transfer its color to the garment being pressed, and do not use a terry cloth towel as its texture hampers ironing.

Spray or sprinkle the pressing cloth very lightly with water, then iron it over the garment in question. Do not hold the iron still at any time, but keep it in motion over the cloth. Lift the iron after each pass over the cloth, and check the garment underneath. Do not let the iron come into direct contact with the garment, but move the pressing cloth as needed until the entire garment is ironed. Hang the garment immediately when finished.

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