How Do You Preserve a Four-Leaf Clover?

How Do You Preserve a Four-Leaf Clover?

Preserve the delicate structure of a four-leaf clover by covering the plant with a combination of borax and cornmeal in a shoebox. Let the clover sit for seven days, carefully remove it from the mixture, and store it in a dry area.

  1. Prepare the preservation mixture

    Fill a shoebox with equal parts of borax and cornmeal until the mixture is 1 inch deep. To prevent skin irritation, wear rubber or latex gloves when handling borax.

  2. Trim the clover

    Trim the clover to your preferred size, if necessary. Remove unwanted portions of the plant before the preservation process.

  3. Place into the shoebox

    Delicately place the clover into the shoebox. If preserving more than one four-leaf clover, set each clover at least 2 inches apart.

  4. Cover the clover

    Carefully sprinkle the mixture over the clover until it is covered by a 1-inch layer of the mixture. Be careful to avoid wrinkling or folding the leaves during this process.

  5. Store the shoebox

    Place the shoebox on a shelf or in a cabinet, and leave it undisturbed for seven days.

  6. Remove the clover

    Carefully remove the clover from the shoebox, and place it in a dry area. Remove excess borax and cornmeal from the clover with a soft-bristled brush.