How Do You Preserve Flowers?


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To preserve flowers by drying, place clean buds in a commercial preservative, or use a mixture of Borax and cornmeal to remove moisture from the plants. A floral sealant can be used after the drying process is complete. The process of preserving flowers may require several weeks.

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  1. Prepare the flowers

    Flowers should be clean and dry before placing them in the preserving materials. Cut the stems of the plants, and insert wire before preserving.

  2. Dry the flowers with commercial preservative or Borax

    Commercial products designed to preserve flowers are used to retain the natural color and of the flower after drying. Follow the directions on the product packaging when using a commercial flower preservative. To dry flowers using Borax, mix equal parts of Borax and cornmeal, and place half of the mixture in the bottom of a lidded container, such as a lidded cardboard box. Place the flowers on top of the Borax mixture with the stems down, and then cover the entire flower with the remainder of the mixture.

  3. Remove the flowers from the preservative

    Test the flowers daily by pressing gently on a leaf or petal, and remove the flowers when the leaves or petals feel dry. Use a floral sealant on the preserved flowers to prolong their lifespan.

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