How Do You Preserve Cedar Wood?

How Do You Preserve Cedar Wood?

To preserve cedar wood, the wood must be sealed to keep out the elements. To enhance the look of natural cedar, use a transparent stain or oil to preserve the wood. If a colored finish is desired, paint cedar to keep it protected.

  1. Stain cedar

    Use a high-quality wood stain to preserve cedar. For a natural look, use a transparent stain for a protective but authentic finish. To achieve a specific color or style, a tinted stain is appropriate. Apply stain with a natural brush, always working with the grain and never across or against it.

  2. Apply teak oil

    Teak oil also offers a natural, protective finish for cedar wood by returning natural oils to the piece. Because cedar is a hard wood, it lasts many years outdoors unsealed. Over time, sun and rain rob cedar wood of its oil, making teak oil a good solution for a finish that highlights the natural beauty of wood. Simply apply a generous layer of oil to the surface of unfinished wood and allow it to soak in. Repeat until the desired look is achieved.

  3. Paint cedar

    When a natural wood grain look is not desired for a piece, cedar wood can be painted to protect it from wear and tear. Apply a coat of primer before painting to prevent the wood's natural oils from coming through the paint over time.