How Do You Prepare Yard Waste for Collection?

How Do You Prepare Yard Waste for Collection?

Most cities require the use of a yard waste container to prepare yard waste for collection, but it's best to contact the garbage department of the city where you live to determine the exact procedure required. All cities have different regulations, but there are some basic guidelines that most cities, such as St. Louis Park, Minnesota, follow.

A reusable yard waste container is usually a requirement for yard waste collection. Most cities require that the container used for collection is a certain size and weight.

As an alternative to a yard waste container, many cities also allow residents to use paper bags. Some people choose to buy these bags from retail stores, but brown paper grocery bags are also typically acceptable. Cities may stipulate a weight limit for filled bags; for example, the city may require that the filled bag weigh no more than 40 pounds.

Some cities allow residents to bundle yard waste, and homeowners may ties small branches or twigs together in a bundle or bag. There may be restrictions on the size of these bundles and the procedure used for bundling them.

There are also cities that offer organics recycling programs that allow residents to use special cans or carts to place yard waste out for collection.