How Do You Prepare a Flower Bed in a Garden?

How Do You Prepare a Flower Bed in a Garden?

To prepare a flower bed in a garden, clear the bed, test the soil, add organic matter and turn up the soil. Apply fertilizer to the bed before planting.

Run through the following steps to set up a garden flower bed.

  1. Clear the area for the bed
  2. If any grass is present in the planned garden bed area, dig it out or snuff it out with some newspaper. Remove any weeds from the bed.

  3. Test the soil
  4. Before working with the soil, ensure that it is sufficiently dry, as wet soil has a different support structure for the plant roots. To test the moisture content of the soil, form a ball with a handful of soil. Balls that remain intact with the touch of a hand signify that the soil is too wet. Balls that crumble indicate that the soil is dry enough to work with. If the soil is too wet, let it dry out before working in the garden bed.

  5. Add organic matter
  6. Adding organic matter such as grass clippings, manure, compost and leaves can add nutrients to soil. These also allow the soil to breathe and drain properly and can amend soil that is too acidic or sandy.

  7. Dig or till the beds
  8. Dig out any soil packed down at the base of the beds to allow roots to spread deep into the garden. Till the soil to mix organic matter into the beds.

  9. Apply a fertilizer
  10. Adding an initial application of general-purpose fertilizer can help plants thrive.

  11. Plant flowers
  12. Once the soil is ready, plant flowers in the beds. Choose plants that are appropriate for the climate and soil conditions in the garden.

  13. Add mulch
  14. Add a layer of mulch to prevent weeds from growing and to retain moisture in the beds.