How Do You Prepare Daylilies for Winter?


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To prepare daylilies for winter, prune the plants after their leaves turn yellow, leaving a 6-inch stalk. In USDA hardiness zones six and colder, cover the perennials with a layer of mulch to protect them from the elements.

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Gardeners often divide the clumps of the plant toward the end of the fall and replant the excess before winter comes. Dividing the tubers encourages growth and gives the flowers room to expand. The blooms of the daylily, also known as the Hemerocallis, only flowers for one day.

The USDA hardiness map ranks parts of the United States from coldest to warmest on an ascending scale that stops at 11. Daylilies planted in zone six endure temperatures as low as 5 below zero Fahrenheit. In areas that are warmer with little change in season, daylilies remain active and continue to grow without the need of pruning.

During the fall months and after the initial frosts, daylilies need pruning so they can spend energy forming seeds instead of flowers while storing nutrients in their root systems in anticipation of a dormant cycle. Use leaves and other yard waste to protect the sturdy plants and replenish the nutrients in the soil to contribute to this process.

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