How Do You Prepare the Site for Bathtub Installation?

Prepare a project site for a bathtub installation by shutting off the water to that area and removing the existing tub, along with the drain flange and any damaged pipes. Clear away any debris from the wall and floor, along with old caulk, and make sure the subfloor is level and solid before installing the new tub.

Much of the prep work for installing a new bathtub involves clearing out the remnants of the original unit. If the old bathtub is still in place, you need to turn off the water to that room, or the whole house if there is no separate water valve, and unscrew the drain. Some bathtubs may also require special tools to remove the cap and drain flange, as well as sections of the piping. Once the pipes are out, take off any tiles or wall liners above the tub to expose the drywall. Cut through the drywall approximately 6 inches from the edge of the tub to reveal the internal fasteners.

After the tub is out, clear out the old connecting plates as well as any caulk left over on the floor seal. Make sure the subfloor has no debris on it and is free of cracks or other damage. An uneven subfloor requires special tools and materials to restore and prepare to house the bathtub. Also make sure the drain and water pipes are in proper condition.