How Do You Prep a Shower for Tiling?


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To prepare shower walls for tiling, attach plastic sheeting over wall studs, obtain a concrete board, and measure it out to fit the walls. Cut the concrete board to fit the measurements, and make all the necessary holes in it. Secure the board on the wall using screws, and fill all the holes with caulking. You can start tiling the walls 24 hours after completing the preparation process.

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Use staples to attach plastic sheeting to the walls. Cut the sheeting to fit wall studs before attaching it. If you need to use several sheets to cover one stud, overlap the two pieces. When cutting the concrete board, place a T-square against the board, and make cuts in the top layer of the board using a utility knife. Make sure to always move the blade along the edge of the square.

Once all the cuts have been made, bend the board to break off the piece. If there are attachments on the shower wall, measure them, and cut out holes in the concrete board to fit the attachments using a keyhole saw. Push and pull the saw in and out of the cut to complete it. Always start from the bottom when placing the board onto the wall. The board needs to extend longer than the flange for the shower pan.

However, be sure to leave at least 1/8 inch of space between the surface of the shower pan and the bottom of the board. Place screws every 4 inches on the wall studs, and locate them about 1/2 inch away from the outer edges.

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