How Do You Prep Flower Beds for Spring?


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There are several different steps that home gardeners can take to prepare their flower beds for spring planting. These steps involve preparing the area, assessing the gardening equipment and turning the soil.

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How Do You Prep Flower Beds for Spring?
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  1. Clear fall and winter debris
  2. Clearing and trimming dead leaves and dead plant growth is a necessary first step for preparing a flower bed for planting.

  3. Take steps to exterminate pests
  4. Those who see evidence of pests such as slugs or aphids should take steps to exterminate those pests. If larvae or eggs are found, they should be physically destroyed, and further precautions such as the use of chemical pesticides can be taken as well.

  5. Prepare the gardening equipment
  6. Gardeners should assess whether any equipment, such as trimmers, shovels and rakes, need to be replaced or repaired. This equipment can also be cleaned as part of the preparation process.

  7. Turn the soil at the right time
  8. In most cases, the soil in a flower bed will need to be turned before it can be planted, but those who live in climates with wet or snowy winters should take care to avoid turning the soil while it is still very damp. Turning damp soil can lead to compaction that will be difficult to work with later in the season.

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