How Do Prefabricated Additions for Homes Work?


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Prefabricated additions for homes work by adding extra storage or space to an existing home. Some kits are designed much like a shed, while others are wired for electricity and heating to be used as a living space.

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A basic prefabricated storage room comes with exterior siding, walls and a roof. Other options come with floors, but windows, doors and insulation are added by the customer. In some cases, a customer can add a porch, stairs, skylights or an electrical box for power. Some rooms include kitchens or bathrooms. Exterior siding is also customizable.

Some kits come preassembled with all the necessary materials cut to the correct size. They are also equipped with fasteners, hardware and any extras for which you paid. These types of kits cost more money but take less time and effort to complete than a precut kit. Each kind of kit comes with a complete set of physical instructions and video tutorials.

Manufacturers recommend building the prefabricated structures on cement slabs, wood platforms, cinder blocks, concrete footings or spikes. The choice depends on the structure's size and use, the shape and drainage of the land, and the city's or county's building codes. If needed, the homeowner should hire a contractor who knows the building codes and understands what foundation the structure needs.

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