What Are Pre-Planned Gardens?


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A pre-planned garden is a set of seeds, plants and layout plans for a garden. Novice gardeners simply have to follow directions, plant seeds or seedlings in certain areas and then maintain the garden properly. Several types of pre-planned gardens are sold including choices with native plants, flowers, deer-resistant varieties, butterfly flowers and drought-tolerant plants.

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Pre-planned gardens are also designed for specific needs. Some gardens come with plants that flower during three seasons. Others attract hummingbirds. Pre-planned gardens offer fragrant varieties and plants that thrive in the shade. Specialty gardens feature one specific kind of flowers. Roses, lilies, tulips and bulb perennials are featured in popular varieties of pre-planned gardens.

Every pre-planned garden lists exactly what seeds are in the package. Pictures of layouts and actual gardens help consumers decide what kind of pre-planned garden fits best into a yard's space. Sizes of pre-planned gardens vary from as small as a mailbox to as big as dozens of feet long. Most specialty gardens work for hardiness zones 5 through 8. Smaller pre-planned gardens may come with a dozen seeds or bulbs, whereas larger varieties contain over 100 individual specimens.

Pre-planned garden kits are found online and at local greenhouses. These types of landscaping projects are low-maintenance and easy to take care of because they are designed for busy people or novice gardeners.

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