What Are Some Pre-Cut Home Building Kits?


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Pre-cut home building kits include the repurposed cargo houses from ShelterKraft Werks, barn-houses from Shelter-Kit and dome homes from Oregon Dome. The Classic Deltec homes are also pre-cut home building kits.

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ShelterKraft Werks provides shipping container houses made from repurposed steel. The structures contain public utility hookups and have available options for other connections. ShelterKraft uses spray foam insulation and separates the interior structure from the metal container to avoid condensation. The houses require structural support and additional roof structures in areas with regular or heavy snowfall.

Barn-house story models from Shelter-Kit do not require experience to assemble. The kits include instruction manuals together with the frames, subflooring, exterior and roof sheathing. Shelter-Kit provides custom options such as higher ceilings and large roof overhangs and creates add-ons that owners can fix at any time. Owners can place doors and windows at different positions because the kits are without load-bearing walls.

The geodesic dome kits from Oregon Dome have simple building systems that owners can put together with help from the company’s supervisors. The domes have different designs and plans that feature plumbing and provide room for modification. They include the Azure starter home and the Earth, which has spacious bedrooms.

Classic Deltec homes incorporate building blocks to create spaces that fit customers’ needs. There are small size options suitable for guest houses and Deltec popular size ranges that are spacious and comfortable. The customized houses provide efficient space for other functions.

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