Is the Power4Patriots System a Scam?


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Power4Patriots is not a scam; it sells guides on how to set up solar panels and other renewable energy sources around the home. However, its promise that its products cut energy bills in half is too good to be true for most consumers. The Better Business Bureau has not accredited the 4Patriots company.

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Many consumers have complained about Power4Patriots, a branch of an online company that sells renewable energy guides. The company is based in Nashville, Tenn., and sells a number of do-it-yourself guides marketed toward survivalists and people who do not want to depend on the U.S. government. Related companies include Food4Patriots and Seeds4Patriots. 4Patriots uses political rhetoric to market its products to conservative U.S. consumers.

4Patriots advertising builds fear in consumers to make its products more attractive. For example, an ad for Power4Patriots states that those who use energy utilities are slaves to the government. The ads blame President Barack Obama for increasing energy prices. They suggest that citizens who do not like Obama will enjoy Power4Patriots products.

While the company does sell energy guides, it bases its business on the false persona of Frank Bates. In this sense, Power4Patriots is a scam, because Frank Bates does not exist; he is the creation of Harvard graduate and online marketer Allen Baler. Baler, who owns Reboot Marketing in Nashville, created Frank Bates to appeal to American survivalists with a deep distrust of the U.S. government. Reboot Marketing earned over $11 million in 2012 by purchasing survivalist kits from My Patriot Supply and reselling them at triple the price.

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