How Do You Pot a Plant?


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Pot a plant by preparing the pot, loosening the soil from the plant's root ball, placing the plant in the pot and watering it thoroughly. You will need a pot, a plant, potting soil, a garden trowel, compost and water.

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  1. Choose a pot

    Choose a pot size to fit your plant. If you are repotting the plant, move up only one pot size. If you are potting the plant for the first time, start with a 4-inch pot. Use a ceramic or plastic container.

  2. Prepare the pot

    Add a layer of fresh potting soil to the pot. Avoid adding pebbles to the bottom of the pot as this constricts the roots.

  3. Remove the plant

    Remove your plant from its container by placing the container or pot on its side, and gently sliding the plant out.

  4. Loosen the soil of the root ball

    Gently loosen the soil from the roots with your fingers. Trim away any dead pieces.

  5. Place the plant in the pot

    Place the plant in the pot on top of the soil layer. Fill in the area around the roots with compost and more soil. Tamp the soil down.

  6. Water the plant

    Immediately after potting the plant, water the plant until the water trickles from the bottom of the pot.

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