What Pot Materials Are Safe for Use in a Microwave?

pot-materials-safe-use-microwave Credit: m-louis/CC-BY-SA 2.0

Glass-ceramic, heatproof glass and any container labeled microwave safe may be used in a microwave. Metal pots and other cookware containing metal should not be used in a microwave.

Ceramic, glass and plastics that are safe for microwave use generally are labeled as such. Brands of heatproof glass include Anchor Hocking and Pyrex. CorningWare is an example of glass-ceramic ware that can safely be used in a microwave.

To test if a pot or other cooking utensil is microwave-safe, microwave it for one minute along with a glass container filled with one cup of water. The glass container should not be touching the cookware. The cookware is not microwave safe if it feels warm or hot after microwaving.