Is It Possible to Grow a Wasabi Plant at Home?


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Wasabi is said to be one of the most difficult plants to cultivate, so it may be a challenge to grow it at home. However, die-hard wasabi fanatics can attempt to do so by providing the plant with moist, cool, shady conditions, preferably indoors. Wasabi grows naturally in gravelly river beds, which makes the plant a good candidate for hydroponic growing.

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Is It Possible to Grow a Wasabi Plant at Home?
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A fully functional hydroponic setup with strict temperature and airflow control may be the best conditions for successful home cultivation of this notoriously picky plant. This type of horseradish does not tolerate warm temperatures, meaning 70 degrees Fahrenheit is about as warm as it can handle, and it also will not thrive under hot, direct light, making it challenging to provide the plant with adequate light.

In addition to the practical difficulty of successfully cultivating healthy, mature wasabi plants, it can also be difficult for gardeners to acquire the wasabi seeds, cuttings or sprouts that are necessary to start home cultivation. After that initial hurdle has been cleared, growing wasabi requires careful control over conditions. Through the plant thrives in the wild, cultivators will need to be able to replicate those natural conditions, avoiding the application of the wrong type of fertilizer and also keeping the plant from receiving too much moisture while staving off dehydration.

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