What Are Some Positively Reviewed ZAP Cleaners?

Amazon customers give positive reviews to EZ ZAP disinfectant and the heavy-duty multipurpose cleaner sold in bottles. For smaller products made by ZAP, customers give high marks to the green stain remover pen and the hand sanitizer spray.

ZAP industries manufactures products that are biodegradable and made from natural ingredients. Amazon customers give high ratings to the brand's disinfectant because it cleans without chemicals. One customer is impressed that it removes odors from the kitchen trash can and uses it to clean gymnastic mats. Another customer uses it to clean inventory as well as disinfect keyboards and laptops in an information technology office.

As for the ZAP stain remover pen, one reviewer describes the product as tremendous. It works so well that this customer gives many pens to family members. Another customer states that the pen is an excellent product, but wishes it had a wider tip. For the ZAP Spray hand sanitizer, one reviewer gives it to travelling staff because it is the perfect size for carry-on bags. Another customer notes that the sanitizer works well, smells pleasant and is easy to carry in a shirt pocket.

Other compliments for ZAP cleaning products include that they work better than others and that they are safe for use around children and pets.