What Are Some Positively Reviewed Solar Panels?

What Are Some Positively Reviewed Solar Panels?

The Kyocera KD315GX-LPB, Canadian Solar's CS6X-305M, the Grape Solar 319W and First Solar's Series 4 Panel are some positively reviewed solar panels, as of 2015. All of the solar panels are high quality, with good energy efficiency ratings and warranties that typically range from five to 10 years.

The Kyocera panel provides a very high level of durability with a 16-percent power output efficiency. Kyocera provides a complete five-year warranty and a 20-year guarantee that the panel maintains a minimum of 80 percent of the minimum power promised. The panel is designed for high wattage output needs.

At 15.9-percent power output efficiency, the Canadian Solar CS6X-305M is almost as efficient as the Kyocera. The panels have a 10-year warranty on materials and workmanship. The Canadian Solar panel is designed to be self-washing provided the angle of installation is adequate.

Grape Solar's 319W has a 15.21-percent efficiency rating and can support 50 pounds of snow per square foot. The modules are sold at Costco and The Home Depot, and the company has a national network of installers.

First Solar sells over seven million panels per year, which makes it one of the largest suppliers of solar panels in the United States. The Series 4 panels are durable and long lasting, but are designed for a maximum 1,500-volt architecture, which makes them best suited for homes without high energy demands.