What Are Some Positively Reviewed Sinkhole Repair Companies?

What Are Some Positively Reviewed Sinkhole Repair Companies?

Some of the positively reviewed sinkhole repair companies includes Champion Foundation Repair, Ramjack Foundations, Sinkhole Titan and LRE Ground Services, notes the websites for each company. These companies specialize in construction, repair and maintenance of residential structures that have been affected by underground activity. They also provide high-quality services with warranties of up to 25 years.

The common causes of foundation problems are moisture entering under the foundation and erosion of supporting soil under the house. The first sign of sinkholes is small cracks on the floor, walls, driveways and sidewalks. In some cases, the doors and windows may not close easily, which may be a sign of a shift in foundation or uneven settling of the home. It is important to contact a professional at the first signs of foundation or sinkhole problems.

Some of the services offered by sinkhole companies include:

  • Compaction grouting (chemical and partial)
  • Underpinning
  • Leveling
  • Free paperwork for repairs
  • Onsite evaluation
  • Wall retaining and stabilization

There are three types of sinkholes: solution, subsidence and cover-collapse sinkholes. Sinkholes vary in size and shape and can cause very extensive damage to homes and commercial buildings. Contacting a company that is experienced and has a record of high-quality work helps to ensure that there is no recurrence of sinkholes.