What Are Some Positively Reviewed Outdoor Gnat Repellents?


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Repel 100, Off! Deep Woods and Coleman DEET-Free SkinSmart are positively reviewed outdoor insect repellents that work on gnats, as of 2015. People can use these repellents on their skin and clothing. Sawyer Premium Permethrin is another highly rated insect repellent, but it is only suitable for clothing and outdoor gear.

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Repel 100 contains 98.11 percent DEET. It comes in a non-aerosol pump spray bottle. Repel 100 is safe to apply directly to skin and clothing, and it provides up to 10 hours of protection from gnats, mosquitoes and other flying insects.

Off! Deep Woods comes in a lightweight aerosol spray can and contains no CFCs or other ozone-depleting substances, making it safe for the environment. It offers long-lasting protection from gnats, mosquitoes and other insects when people apply it to their skin and clothing. The formula is non-greasy, non-sticky and sweat-proof.

Coleman DEET-Free SkinSmart insect repellent is safe for infants and children. It comes in an aerosol can and is completely odorless. When people apply it directly to their skin and clothing, it protects them for up to eight hours from insects of all types.

Sawyer Premium Permethrin insect repellent works for up to six weeks when people properly apply it to their clothing and outdoor gear. It comes in a non-aerosol pump bottle and is odorless after it dries.

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