What Are Some Positively Reviewed Exterior Stucco Products?


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Some positively reviewed exterior stucco products include ColorTek SmoothCoat Exterior Stucco and ColorTek Paint Grade Exterior Stucco. Other products include the Stucco Reinforcing Mesh available at Home Depot and the 30/30 Finish Stucco available with Merlex Stucco.

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Stucco is advantageous because you can apply it with a variety of finishes, grains and colors. It can range in appearance from smooth to rough, and it is not uncommon for some homeowners to create patterns and visual displays with the stucco material itself. The stucco surface is easy to mix with paint, and there are numerous ways to apply different paint combinations to create a canvas on the wall's exterior surface, such as splatterdash varieties and pebbledash varieties.

Additionally, stucco is easy to make because it is made with three simple ingredients. To make stucco, you need lime, cement and sand in different ratios. The average cost per square foot is $6 to $9, and you do not need many specific tools to apply the material to the home's siding. Stucco can also be easy to shape and mold into unique forms and patterns because of how quickly it applies and dries. With practice, you can apply any variety of finishes, including rough-hewn surfaces and smoother configurations with rougher variations at strategic points on the wall.

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