What Are Portable Buildings Used For?


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Construction companies often use portable buildings to create mobile offices that are easy to move to new job sites. Schools sometimes use portable buildings as temporary classrooms while permanent rooms are under construction.

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Construction work is based around on-site labor, but permits, drafts and other paperwork require an office environment. Construction trailers allow people to move indoors to complete job demands. These trailers are designed to attach to a truck, making them easy to move, and many offer air conditioners and other amenities.

Redistricting or other changes might mean a school has to take in more students than it can handle, and portable classrooms provide a solution if there is not enough time to construct a new building or if the school lacks the funding to build one. Some of these classrooms are much like construction trailers and other portable buildings, but schools can use more durable options if necessary.

Many people also live in portable buildings. Mobile homes, also known as manufactured homes, typically come attached to a large trailer so they can be moved to a different location. Mobile homes were originally designed to avoid the high cost involved with building codes since governments classify them as vehicles, not homes. As a result, many mobile homes rarely move and only rest on wheels to avoid building code requirements.

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