What Are Some Porch Enclosure Ideas?

Some porch enclosure ideas include having simple a enclosure with a panel or screen, adding glass around the porch or using full panels with trim moulding. The ideas vary based on materials, cost and how private the porch should be.

For people who are on a budget or just want minimal enclosures, some simple options include using the framing that already exists for the porch and just adding windows, doors, panels or screens around the perimeter of the porch. When adding wood paneling for the enclosure, choose wood materials that are weather and rot-resistant, such as cedar and redwood. Pressure-treated wood is also a good idea. If painting the simple enclosure, use paint that has a sealant to protect the wood further.

A popular porch enclosure is one that consists of glass. There are a few ways to use glass. The first is to create a wooden frame around the perimeter of the porch and then add glass panels into this frame; this is similar to having large windows around the porch. Another option is to use framed glass panels and install them in cheaper aluminum or vinyl framework around the porch.

The most complex porch enclosures are four-season enclosures. These keep the porch safe no matter what the weather conditions are. They typically include wiring, studs, vents and plumbing materials for stability and insulation.