How Do Porcelain, Granite and Marble Floor Tiles Compare?


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Porcelain tile is strong and beautiful, but requires quite a bit of maintenance. Granite tile is extremely strong, but may need to be re-polished or sealed. Marble tile has a classic look, is fairly durable and requires light maintenance.

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Porcelain tile is popular for its density and water resistance. It may be glazed with a hard decorative coating or may be through-bodied of a single solid material. It holds up to heavy use and is easy to clean. Porcelain tile is susceptible to abrasive cleaners and may be cold to the touch. HGTV recommends professional installation due to its difficulty and the cost of materials.

Granite is a natural stone known for its durability and beautiful patterns. It resists heat and metal abrasion but is vulnerable to abrasive cleaning. Granite tile is maintained with regular cleaning, using substances appropriate for the material.

Marble is another natural stone and is famous for its beautiful swirling designs. It is popular for floors but requires more maintenance than some of the other materials and needs regular sealing and cleaning. The surface is porous and can be marked by water if the spill isn't immediately cleaned. Marble tile is fairly expensive and is susceptible to cracks and stains. HGTV recommends professional installation.

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