What Are Some Popular Ways to Build Stone Steps?


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Field stones overlaid with natural stone pavers and stone caps over stone are some popular ways to build stone steps. Placing a single stone slab or smaller slabs atop stones bordering concrete is also a common method of constructing stone steps.

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Single slab stone or granite steps are ideal for contemporary homes, while rock steps and irregular field stones blend well with more rustic themes. Natural stone pavers overlaid with stone caps are commonly paired off with traditional homes with metal roofs or for a wooden front yard porch. Rock steps look great for log cabins and are usually held together by stacking each rock or flagstone against a recessed mortar joint.

When building stone steps, determine the step height and depth of each step, with twice the height plus the depth equaling between 25 to 27 inches. Select and fit stones for the treads and risers and build steps with regular spacing from the bottom up, constructing them on a solid excavated footing. Spread a layer of mortar, and lay stones on one riser at a time, tapping the stones in place. Place each successive stair on top of the previous one for stability. Overlay the stones with slabs or stone caps, and allow them to dry for a few days.

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