What Are Some Popular Wall Bricks Designs?


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Popular brickwork patterns for structural walls include the running bond, the common bond, the English bond and the Flemish bond. If built properly, the vertical joints of each brick never align, resulting in a structurally sound wall.

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With the exception of corner, end or pieces cut to accommodate obstacles in or near the wall, the length of a standard brick is little more than twice as long as the width. Bricks that are laid width-wise are referred to as headers while those laid length-wise are called stretchers. A row of laid brick is called a course.

The running bond is composed mostly of stretchers that are offset half the length of the brick. The common bond features a course of headers placed at every five to six courses of stretchers. The English bond is built by placing alternating courses of headers and stretchers. In this pattern, a stretcher is centered directly above a header. The Flemish bond uses an alternating pattern of headers and stretchers within the same course.

The stack bond is a type of brickwork that uses a simple pattern of stacked stretchers. This pattern is rarely used in building structural walls as the vertical alignment of the joints provides little structural integrity.

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