What Are Some Popular Uses for 5-Gallon Jugs?

Some popular uses for 5-gallon jugs are emergency water storage containers, loose change banks, homemade barbells, percussion instruments and hamster homes. They can also be used as buckets, flower pots or luminarias.

To make a percussion instrument out of a 5-gallon jug, just turn it over, and balance it on the narrow end supported by stools. A 5-gallon jug also makes a good home for hamsters or other small pet rodents. On a plastic tray, arrange pine shavings and a hamster wheel. Remove part of the side of the bottle, glue a tiny water bottle to the side and place the cut side of the jug over the wheel and pine shavings. Make sure to secure it to the tray to prevent it from getting knocked over.

Use two 5-gallon jugs as a home gym. Fill them with sand, and place the end of a pole through each opening. Tape the openings securely to the pole to finish the homemade barbell.

Shear off the top, narrower portion of a 5-gallon jug to create a plastic container that can be used as a bucket or planter. To make a bucket, drill holes on the sides of the jug, and add a curved metal rod or wire.

To make a flower pot, decorate the outside of the jug as desired, and then fill it with potting soil and a plant of your choice. Because many plants require well-drained soil, drill some small drainage holes in the bottom to allow excess water to escape.