What Are Some Popular Types of Soffit Supplies?


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Some popular types of soffit supplies are vinyl soffits and aluminum soffits. Many homeowners are buying wood, steel and fiber cement soffits for their aesthetic quality.

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Aluminum and vinyl soffits are popular because they are inexpensive, are easy to install and weigh less than soffits made from other materials. Aluminum soffits are popular because they are durable, non-combustible, malleable, water-resistant and easy to clean; however, they can be more expensive than vinyl, and they dent more easily.

Vinyl soffits are very affordable, and they insulate well. These soffits are water-resistant and easy to clean, and they do not rot. They are also easy to customize as they come in a variety of grains and textures. Vinyl soffits discolor easily when exposed to heat for long periods of time, however, and they may become brittle due to exposure to sunshine. In damp climates, vinyl soffits may develop mold. They are also not as malleable as aluminum soffits, and they may prove difficult to bend or cut.

Wood insulates well, and it has a natural and timeless appearance; however, it can be quite expensive, and it rots after some time. Therefore, most homeowners use wood soffits purely for aesthetic purposes. Steel is quite durable, but the price is high as well. Fiber cement soffits are expensive, and they come in a variety of colors, grains and textures.

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