What Are Some Popular Types of Multi Tools?

What Are Some Popular Types of Multi Tools?

Popular multi tools include the all-purpose Gerber Bear Grylls, the One 23 MT for cyclists and the Bivy for rock climbers. Leatherman’s Grind and Jam pocket tools for surfers and skaters also stack up high on the list.

Leatherman’s tools are an array of robust products ranging from the classic model to highly compact and lightweight version called Trend, worn as a wrist bracelet. The Grind line, crafted out of one piece of metal, has accessories that include a truck key and hex bit driver for adjustments to skateboards on the go.

Named after the outdoor adventurer, survivalist and TV personality, the Gerber Grylls product line covers the spectrum of multi tools from survival knives and fire starters to compact units with saws, wire cutters, needle nose pliers and bottle openers.

The One 23MT is a minimalist tool organized by color, providing cyclists with hard-to-find interments, including Allen wrenches, screwdrivers and T25 Torx heads.

The result of a collaboration by champion climber Hans Florine and Columbia River Knife and Tool, the Bivy is an easy-to-carry, versatile tool that has five different foldout arms. A set of screwdrivers, a knife and spring loaded pliers for one-handed operation make it useful tool for climbers of all levels.