What Are Some Popular Types of Garden Windows?


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Some popular types of garden windows include awning and casement garden windows. Both of these types of garden windows are available in horizontal and vertical shapes to suit the size of the opening.

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Awning garden windows feature hinges at the top and bottom of the window. These hinges allow the window to swing out or in. They provide a large viewing area and offer easy cleaning when hung above a kitchen sink or counter. Casement garden windows operate with a crank. Turning the crank swings the window outward, allowing the homeowner to display collectibles and other items in the window.

Garden windows are often used as growing areas for flowers and herbs. They angle out from the home's structure and provide plants with plenty of sunlight from the glass surrounding them on three sides. The bottom of a garden window is generally not made of glass, making it an ideal spot for placing a planter. The sloped glass roof of the window allows water to run off and lets additional sunlight penetrate the room.

Garden windows can be ordered to fit existing window openings. It is important to have a tight seal around these windows since the exposure to the elements is greater than a traditional window.

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