What Are Some of the Most-Popular Types of Closet Lighting?


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Popular types of closet lighting include fluorescent bulbs, battery-operated light, overhead motion-sensor light, automatic spring-loaded light and natural light. Other people prefer LED light or a sparkly chandelier light.

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What Are Some of the Most-Popular Types of Closet Lighting?
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People choose their closet lighting depending on convenience, size and space of the closet. Most people nowadays tend to use fluorescent bulbs to light their closets as they do not generate hazardous levels of heat or consume much energy as incandescent bulbs.

Some people use an overhead motion-sensor light that utilizes existing wiring or one that screws into an ordinary socket. This closet light switches on and off automatically. Using spring-loaded light allows a person to use the existing wiring to fix an automatic light in the closet door jamb. Other people prefer a battery- or torch-operated light, which is mounted, stuck or screwed on the wall for light activation.

Natural light for a closet is preferable, but it should not be too direct to cause fading of dark fabrics. Skylights with clerestory windows and UV-protection are effective in offering natural light and ventilation. LED lights are efficient in illuminating the accessories in the closet such as a shoe collection or a purse. The lights can be used with glass shelves to light up the entire closet.

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