What Are Some Popular Tropical Plants?

What Are Some Popular Tropical Plants?

Some popular tropical plants to grow as houseplants are Ti plants, Alocasia, Philodendrons, Colocasia and Bird of Paradise. They are easy to grow and some of the most sought after tropical plants available.

Ti plants are colorful plants that originate from Asia and tropical islands. They offer a wide range of colors and can withstand shade and sun. However, they have susceptibility to cold. The colors of Ti plants change over seasons due to weather changes.

Alocasias are ornamental plants popular for their foliage, rather than their flowers. Most have large leaves with outstanding color. They have tubers and typically do better in warm climates. Some species grow up to 10 feet, while others are dwarf tropical plants.

Colocasia is a group of plants similar to Alocasia and popular for their leaves. The Black Magic is a hybridized species that has leaves that are almost black in color and blue on the underside.

Philodendrons are a group of tropical plants that take on two forms: climbing or confined. Climbing Philodendrons produce growths that crawl on the ground or grow up tree trunks, structures or fences. Confined Philodendrons form small plants that do not crawl on the ground. They grow well under filtered light or shade. They are popular for their foliage, rather than their blossoms. One can propagate the climbing type from tip cuttings.

The Bird of Paradise is a tropical plant popular for its flowers. It has an almost gaudy array of orange and blue plumage. They are easy to grow indoors.