What Are Some Popular Styles of Trim Moldings?

What Are Some Popular Styles of Trim Moldings?

Some popular trim styles include crown molding, casing and chair rail, as noted by Bob Vila. These and other popular molding styles are stylish as well as functional.

Crown molding decorates the space between the wall and the ceiling in a room. Some people refer to crown molding as cornice molding, and crown molding may be several inches wide.

Casing is usually from two to three inches wide, and it is meant to cover the unfinished gap between walls and window frames and doors. There are several variations of casing available.

Chair rail is most often used as a way to protect walls from being damaged by furniture, such as chairs. However, this type of molding is decorative and often used to separate two different types of wall coverings.

Baseboards are another popular type of molding. Baseboards separate the wall from the floor and often range from three to five inches thick.

Egg-and-dart molding is usually combined with crown molding and contains an oval "egg" pattern. Modeled after ancient Greek designs, egg-and-dart molding may also be combined with chair railing.

Homes with paneling may benefit by another type of molding called batten. Batten is a thin trim piece used to hide the joints between pieces of paneling.

Bead and pearl moldings are similar in design and are tiny spheres that work well with chair railing or crown molding.