What Are Some Popular Styles of K-Rain Sprinklers?


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According to ratings on Amazon and Home Depot, two of the most popular styles of K-Rain sprinklers are the ProPlus Rotor Sprinkler and the K1 Smart Set Sprinkler. The former is a professional rotor sprinkler, whereas the later is a retail version. Both sprinklers receive more than 80 percent positive reviews.

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The ProPlus Rotor Sprinkler is designed for medium to large landscape areas (24 to 44 feet) and is enabled with K-Rain's patented Arc Memory Clutch technology, which returns the rotor to the pre-set position. Its nozzle performance offers 90 percent coverage according to independent testing by C.I.T. The arc of the spray is adjustable, and each unit comes with 13 interchangeable nozzles. Its pop-up height is 5 inches.

The K-1 Smart Set Sprinker, also known as the K-1 Gear Drive Sprinkler, is intended for smaller landscape areas but still features a 30-foot spray distance and is capable of covering an area of up to about 2,800 feet. The K-1 allows for an adjustable arc anywhere between 35 and 360 degrees. For more direct spray, the K-1 is equipped with a ratcheting riser that allows the riser to be turned to direct the water flow. Its pop-up height is 4 inches.

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