What Are Some Popular Styles of John Deere Mowers?


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John Deere's most popular mowers in 2015 are the D-Class models sold at large home stores, including the D125 and D110 models. According to Consumer Reports, while these mowers may be popular due to being the most available to consumers, mowers sold at authorized John Deere retailers are actually the highest rated in respect to quality.

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John Deere's D-Class lawn tractors are more affordable for the average consumer, which is why they are widely available in home stores like Home Depot and Lowe's. These mowers, according to Consumer Reports, rate highly in quality despite typically costing less than their competitors. As of 2015, there were eight D-Class models, the most popular being the lower end, featuring 42-inch decks and Briggs & Stratton engines.

However, as Consumer Reports found in their 2015 series of lawn mower ratings, popularity does not equate to highest quality. The X-Class of lawn tractors, sold only at authorized John Deere retailers, rated higher in initial quality and durability during testing. The X-Class, highlighted by the X300 and X304, are the most popular models not sold at home stores. These models feature twin-cylinder Kawasaki engines and come with 42-inch or 48-inch decks. According to Consumer Reports, the John Deere X-Class boasts a sturdy construction that explains the significant price increase from the D-Class.

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