What Are Some Popular Styles of Canopies?


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Some popular styles of canopies are the fixed location garden gazebo canopy, the square canopy on four legs, the triangular "sail" canopy, the garage canopy and the beach cabana canopy. Other popular canopy choices include the baby canopy and the party canopy.

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Fixed location garden gazebo canopies use a replaceable fabric canopy with curtains to make a semi-weatherproofed shelter. This is a style that cools down hot summer days by using curtains to provide shade and privacy. Some people use this style to create a space for outdoor discussion groups or meals. Others retreat into garden canopies to read or rest in a themed backyard space.

The square canopy on four legs is usually a 10-foot by 10-foot canopy that sprawls out to create a backyard shelter. This style is common for those who need to spring up a space for outdoor displays, presentations or crafting areas. Square canopies can complement a pool with a casual seating area where those who are dried off can sip wine and hide from the sun.

The beach cabana canopy type serves as an oversized beach umbrella for two people to use. Some of these have reflective surfaces for heat reduction.

The triangular "sail" canopy is a seasonal item that uses rope to attach to places that are difficult to access. Restaurant patios or pools often utilize this type of canopy.

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