What Are Some Popular Styles of Antique Sofas?


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Some popular styles of antique sofas include the camel-back, chair-back, chesterfield and méridienne. Other styles include the récamier, tete-a-tete and Windsor settee styles. Couches date back to ancient Greek and Roman times.

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What Are Some Popular Styles of Antique Sofas?
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A camel-back sofa is recognizable by its prominent arched back, which resembles the hump of a camel. A chair-back settee is another antique couch with an unusual back, but its back is similar to that of a chair without upholstery. A chesterfield antique sofa has a full covering of upholstery, arms that look like rolls and a plush feel.

A méridienne antique-style couch is a cross between a chaise lounge and sofa. It has a sloping back and high headrest. A récamier is similar to a méridienne sofa, but this style of couch has a headboard with a curve and a footrest that is short and scrolling. Tête-à-tête is a type of antique sofa that joins two chairs into one piece. When using this sofa, people typically sit next to each other while facing opposite directions.

A Windsor-style antique couch is a long, wooden bench that has a back and side made of spindles. There are a number of variations to this style, particularly with respect to the arms.

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