What Are Some Popular Stainmaster Carpet Colors?


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Some popular Stainmaster carpet colors are beige, tan, gold, gray and multicolor. Stainmaster carpets that feature flecks of color against neutral backgrounds are also popular.

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Carpets with a sprinkling of color against a neutral background tone, such as tan, cream or a soft shade of blue, yellow or green, are also popular Stainmaster choices. Multicolored schemes, layered colors and soft texture are very prevalent carpet choices among Stainmaster customers, as these qualities in a carpet help minimize the appearance of dirt and stains. Some carpets come embellished with designs in the shapes of leaves, flowers or trellises which can further help to mask dirt and stains.

Many popular Stainmaster color choices are neutral in tone, yet distinctive in pattern, and for this reason remain customer favorites year after year. These carpet styles include the Brookstone, Terra Bella, Martinica, Palladio and Venecia. A creamy white textured pattern known as One More Night is a top Stainmaster seller, as is a periwinkle shade with gray flecks called Artist Brush. A plush, softly textured lavender shade named Zumba is another popular Stainmaster carpet color. Tracery, a dark gray background with white woven lines, and Simple Elegance, a marbled beige background with soft, thick gold lines, are examples of favored Stainmaster colors that also have inherent patterns. Love Song is another patterned carpet, beige in color, that is distinctive for its pebbly appearance and soft texture.

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