What Are Some Popular Shade Trees?


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Some popular shade trees include the hybrid poplar, nuttall oak, northern catalpa and weeping willow. Others include the paper birch and the American sycamore.

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The hybrid poplar grows to heights of 40 to 50 feet, and it grows up to 8 feet each year, making it a fast-growing option. The nuttall oak is also a fast-growing tree. It is sometimes referred to as a pin oak or red oak. It provides a leafy canopy and bears acorns each year that are popular with wildlife, such as turkeys, deer and squirrels.

The northern catalpa or cigar tree offers large flowers and a thick canopy for shade. The red maple's foliage turns a brilliant red color in the fall, and the tree grows at a rate of up to 5 feet each year, topping out at around 40 feet.

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