What Are Some Popular Sets of Mikasa Stoneware?

What Are Some Popular Sets of Mikasa Stoneware?

Popular sets of Mikasa stoneware include the Jade set, the Pebble Flower set and the Garden Harvest set. Other common Mikasa stoneware sets include the Magnolia set and the Alpine set.

Each piece of Mikasa stoneware displays a reactive glaze, which means each piece in a Mikasa stoneware set has unique color and pattern variations.

The Jade set of Mikasa stoneware includes mugs, salad plates, dinner plates and soup bowls. The pieces in the Jade set have green jade rock centers and black outer surfaces as well as rust-colored rims and textured patterns.

The Mikasa Pebble Flower set displays a floral pattern and contains mugs and bowls. The set also includes square salad plates. The pattern's orange and red flowers contrast with the brown pebble backdrop.

The Mikasa Stoneware Garden Harvest set comes in a five-piece place setting or a dinnerware set. The five-piece place setting includes an 11.5-inch dinner plate, an 8.5-inch salad plate, an 8.5-inch tea cup, a 6.5-inch tea saucer and a soup bowl that holds 16 ounces. Dinnerware sets are available in 16 pieces, 20 pieces, 32 pieces, 40 pieces and 48 pieces. The Garden Harvest set features a simple white pattern with an intricate border of pastel fruits and leaves. The Garden Harvest set also includes sherbet dishes and salt and pepper shakers.